Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Patriot Hearts by: Barbara Hambly

 I've been very neglectful of my book blog these last 2 months. I couldn't believe that the last time I had posted was July 1st. I have been reading and have added the books to my 100+ Reading Challenge list(June 6th post).
One of the stand outs that I have read is Patriot Hearts by: Barbara Hambly. She has chosen the topic of the first 3 First Ladies and Sally Hemings, Thomas Jefferson's paramour, their interactions, and relationships with each other and their husbands. If you are anything like me I never quite put together that these ladies knew each other. I realize that Ms. Hambly's book is fiction, but as we studied about the Presidents in school it was never really touched on about their relationships with their families. What I knew about the first ladies has come from my own later reading and that was kind of sketchy. Reading this book has given me a much broader sense of who these ladies were at a very crucial time in our history. Ms. Hambly brings these ladies to life for us and as usual she is able to paint a vivid picture in words of the sounds, smells, and deep feelings of the characters in this book. It seems so funny to think of these people as young and saying how handsome and how much in love they were because I have always thought of our Presidents as old men. Past all that mushy stuff  I guess.
If you would like to get a new perspective on some strong women this would be an excellent book to read.We as women of today would have benefited from just a thimble full of these women's spunk and general living knowledge.
I became familiar with Ms. Hambly through her Benjamin January series. Again, she gave me a whole new perspective on a situation in history that is still a relevant part of our life and times today. She is an excellent author and you would definitely not be disappointed with any of her books.

Happy Reading,
Beverly G ♥