100+ Book Challenge List 2012

Started Jan. 4, 2012

1. The Scottish Prisoner---Diana Gabaldon---534 pgs.
2. Bryant & May on the Loose: A Peculiar Crimes Unit Mystery---Christopher Fowler--Kindle
3. Bryant & May Off the Rails: A Peculiar Crimes Unit Mystery---Christopher Fowler--Kindle
4. The Sherlockian---Graham Moore--350 pgs.
5. Dead as a Scone---Janet & Ron Benrey--Kindle
6. The Final Crumpet--Janet & Ron Benrey--Kindle
7. Miss Julia Throws a Wedding---Ann B. Ross--308 pgs.
8. The Last Dickens---Matthew Pearl--378 pgs.
9. The Harper's Quine (a Gil Cunningham Murder Mystery)---Pat McIntosh--300 pgs.
10. Rebels & Traitors---Lindsey Davis--742 pgs.
11. The Black Widow Agency---Flicia Donovan--233 pgs.
12. Tell Me, Pretty Maiden---Rhys Bowen--305 pgs.
13. Murder on Waverly Place---Victoria thompson--294 pgs.
14. 1632---Eric Flint--592 pgs.
15. Murder on the Rocks---Karen MacInerney--274 pgs.
16. Dead and Berried---Karen MacInerney--303 pgs.
17. Murder most Maine---Karen MacInerney--271 pgs.
18. Berried to the Hilt---Karen MacInerney--Kindle
19. A Cotswold Killing---Rebecca Tope--349 pgs.
20. Night of the Living Deed---E.J. Copperman--325 pgs.
21. Dark Assassin---Anne Perry--340 pgs.
22. The Shirt on His Back---Barbara hambly--Kindle
23. The Bastard Mummy---Frank Zafiro--Kindle--Short Story
24. Farewell, Miss Zukas---Jo Dereske--Kindle
25. The Jade Queen---Jack Conner--Kindle
26.A Cotswold Ordeal---Rebecca Tope--Kindle
27. The Confession---Chales Todd--Kindle
28. Death in the Cotswolds---Rebecca Tope--Kindle
29. A Cold Treachery---Charles Todd--Kindle
30. Acceptable Loss: A William Monk--Anne Perry--Kindle
31. Anthem for Doomed Youth: A Daisy Dalrymple--Carola Dunn--Kindle
32. As the Pig Turns: An Agatha Raisin Mystery--M.C. Beaton--Kindle
33. Bookmarked to Die-Miss Zukas--Jo Dereske--Kindle
34. Lady Fortescue Steps Out--M.C. Beaton--Kindle
35. The Poisons of Caux: The Hollow Beetle--Susannah Appelbaum--Kindle
36. The Poisons of Caux: The Shepherd of Weeds--Susannah Appelbaun--Kindle
37. Sweet Revenge--Andrea Penrose--Kindle
38. The Clue of the Twisted Candle--Edgar Wallace--Kindle
39. Cold Vengeance--Douglas Preston--Kindle
40. Curses!--J.A. Kazimer--Kindle
41. The Dark Monk--Oliver Potzsch--Kindle
42. The End of the Tour--Diana L. Driver--Kindle
43. Execution Dock--Anne Perry--Kindle
44. The Fearless Mrs. Goodwin--Elizabeth Mitchell--Kindle
45. Lady Molly of Scotland Yard--Baroness Emmuska Orczy--Kindle
46. The Letter--Penrose Smith--Kindle
47. Mrs. Jefferies Forges Ahead--Emily Brightwell--Kindle
48. Mrs. Malory and the Festival Murder--Hazel Holt--Kindle
49. Murder on Fifth Avenue--Victoria Thompson--Kindle
50. Murder on Lexington Avenue--Victoria Thompson--Kindle
51. Of Mice and Murderers--John G. Stockmyer--Kindle
52. The Murder of Minnie Stover--Melissa Rees--Kindle
53. Pages of Sin--Kate Carlisle--Kindle
54. The Secret Staircase--Melanie Jackson--Kindle
55. Septimus Heap, Book Six: Darke--Angie Sage--Kindle
56. The Shirt on His Back--Barbara Hambly--Kindle
57. A Spider on the Stairs--Cassandra Chan--Kindle
58. The Tale of Castle Cottage--Susan Wittig Albert--Kindle
59. The Tale of Oat Cake Crag--Susan Wittig Albert--Kindle
60. Trick of the Mind--Cassandra Chan--Kindle
61. Tuesdays at the Castle--Jessica Day George--Kindle
62. Eye of the Moonrat--Trevor H. Cooley--Kindle
63. Messenger of the Dark Prophet--Trevor H. Cooley--Kindle
64. Hunt of the Bandham--Trevor H. Cooley--Kindle
65. Seraphina--Rachel Hartman--Kindle
66. Stormdancer--Jay Kristoff--Kindle
67. Hiss and Hers--M.C. Beaton--Kindle
68. Mudgett and Brewster--Bentley Dadmun--Kindle
69. Gregor the Overlander--Suzanne Collins--Kindle
70. Prophecy of Bane--Suzanne Collins--Kindle
71. Curse of the Warmbloods--Suzanne Collins--Kindle
72. Marks of Secret--Suzanne Collins--Kindle
73. Code of Claw--Suzanne Collins--Kindle
74. The Familiars-Secrets of the Crown--Adam Jay Epstein & Andrew Jacobson--Kindle
75. Poison for a Poison Tongue--Sarah J. Waldock--Kindle
76.The Third Gate--Lincoln Child--Kindle
77. Miss Tonks Turns to Crime--M.C. Beaton--Kindle
78. Mrs. Budley Falls from Grace--M.C. Beaton--Kindle
79. Sir Phillips Folly--M.C. Beaton--Kindle
80. Colonel Sandhurst to the Rescue--M.C. Beaton--Kindle
81. Back in Society--M.C. Beaton--Kindle
82. The Miser of Mayfair--M.C. Beaton--Kindle
83. Poisoned Heart--Jason Blacker--Kindle
84. Requiem at Christmas--Melanie Jackson--Kindle
85. Landscape in Scarlet--Melanie Jackson--Kindle
86. Portrait of a Gossip--Melanie Jackson--Kindle
87. Murder by Mishap--Suzanne Young--Kindle
88. Death of a Kingfisher--M.C. Beaton--Kindle
89. Twelfth Night--Melanie Jackson--Kindle
90. Gone Away--Hazel Holt--Kindle
91. Village Affairs--Cassandra Chan--Kindle
92. The Young Widow--Cassandra Chan--Kindle
93. An Uninvited Ghost--E. J. Copperman--Kindle
94. Discord--Alexie Aaron--Kindle
95.The Silver Shawl--Elisabeth Grace Foley--Kindle
96.Time Spike--Eric Flint & Marilyn Kosmatka--467 pgs.
97. The Books of Elsewhere-The Shadows--Jacqueline West--Kindle
98.Wizard's First Rule---Terry Goodkind--820 pgs.
99. Stone of Tears---Terry Goodkind--979 pgs.
100. Simon Said---Sarah R. Shaber--Kindle
101. Snipe Hunt--Sarah R. Shaber--287 pgs.
102. The Books of Elsewhere-The Second Spy---Jacqueline West--Kindle
103. The Copper Sign--Katia Fox--Kindle

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