Thursday, July 1, 2010

Fever Dream by: Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child

This is the latest in the series of books by Preston & Child. These gentlemen have included in this series of stories a little bit of everything: mystery, creepy, things that go bump in the night, psychological, I don't want to put off the faint of heart, but in some of the stories there is some gore as it pertains to the story.
They give us a fascinating hero-Special Agent Pendergast and a cast of characters that so interesting that as you read the books you feel you get to know them personally. You know you've hit upon a good author when you become invested in the characters of the tales they are spinning. I don't want to start talking about the story lines to much or that would give away your fun in discovering these very interesting authors and their books.
Preston & Child have written other books each on their own. I first became acquainted with Douglas Preston when I read Tyrannosaur Canyon. An excellent fast paced read with lots of adventure. You may have guessed by now my favorite reads are mystery, adventure, and historical. Oops, maybe I'm not as eclectic as I thought.

Happy Reading,
Beverly G ♥

The Lightning Thief/The Sea of Monsters by: Rick Riordan

I've included 2 books on this review. They are the first 2 books in the series Percy Jackson & The Olympians.
It is interesting to note that there is a movie coming out soon by this same title. It was interesting to discover that Mr. Riordan lives here in Texas also.
This is another series involving the Greek myths. Unlike the book I just read recently on the same subject you don't have to have as deep a knowledge of the myths in this series. Maybe it's just the fact that the story starts out with a bang on the first page and is exciting to the last page. Mr. Riordan has a fresh style of telling an adventure story that leads you from page to page and leaves you wanting more. So, be prepared if the movie makers do as good a job on the movie you will probably be wanting a sequel.
I have every intention of reading the rest of the series. As I can acquire each book in order they will go to top of my TBR Pile.

Happy Reading,
Beverly G ♥

Rotten to the Core by: Sheila Connolly

This is the second in this series. The first one is One Bad Apple. I read it last year some time before I started all this blogging.
A well written story about a young woman starting in a new direction in her life and of course, she finds dead bodies on her property. I'm sure we would all want to helpful to the police to get a crime solved if it happened on our property. Since she has inherited an apple orchard and is trying to revitalize it there is all sorts of neat information about apples and orchards.
That's one of the neat things I like about being an eclectic reader I'm amassing all kinds of interesting information  in the old brain cavity.

Happy Reading,
Beverly G ♥