Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Jade Queen by: Jack Conner

I happened to get this book free on my Kindle, but after opening it up, by the time I got to the third page I knew this was going to be quite a page turner and by the time I got to the end, I would have paid for it.
If you decide to pick this one up and read it I suggest you block off some free time because you won't want to put it down.
I happen to be a big fan of Preston and Child, their Agent Pendergast series especially. This book reminded me very strongly of their style of writing that series. Lots of action, a little bit of creepiness, a little romance, and some mystery thrown in for spice.
I wasn't quite sure how to categorize this book, but I read one of the reviews on Amazon and Jane from Austin, TX said she thought it fell into the Historical/Mythical genre. Without giving away any spoilers on this one maybe that will peak you interest to give this one a try. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

Happy Reading--
Beverly G ♥

Farewell, Miss Zukas by: Jo Dereske

Well, all good things must come to an end and I must say Jo Dereske ended the Miss Zukas series on a high note and with a happy ending. I love happy endings.
We've been reading the Miss Zukas series from the beginning, 11 years. That's hard to believe. Miss Zukas has been one of those characters that you could totally believe in even with all her eccentricities. That and her wild friend Ruth, what a pair. They do say opposites attract.
Miss Zukas is a logical thinker and has her way of working through life.
I would highly recommend this series, but I suggest you start from the beginning to get the full benefit of Miss Zukas's family, friends, co-workers, and last but not least the reason we all read mysteries is the great way Miss Zukas helps solve all the mysteries she gets involved in.

Happy Reading--
Beverly G ♥

Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Gray Whale Inn Mysteries Series by: Karen MacInerney

There are 4 books in this series so far:
               Murder on the Rocks
               Dead and Berried
               Murder most Maine
               Berried to the Hilt

The series starts with our heroine Natalie dumping her cheating fiance in Austin, TX and moving to Maine to invest her life savings in the Gray Whale Inn. She had summered on the island and has fond memories of the place.
The first book of course is Natalie getting to know the neighbors and trying to fit in, but trouble seems to follow Natalie. Natalie cooks up breakfasts and ends up having her niece Gwen come to stay for the summer to help out with housekeeping. Gwen enrolls in art classes with the resident artist, much to her Mother's chagrin, but Gwen and Natalie end up hitting it off famously.
Natalie solves the mystery, no spoiler there, she's our heroine, and as each book progresses Natalie's story along she finds new love, and many interesting mysteries on the island that her inn inhabits.
There is just enough description of the landscape, weather, and people to keep your interest, and the recipes are a bonus.
Cozy, fun reads, and I recommend that you read the series in order. I happened to have all of them at hand and read one right after the other so I never lost the continuity of the story. Some series you need a breather in between books, but this is a good series to read straight through if you can.

Happy Reading--
Beverly G ♥

1632 by: Eric Flint

1632, is actually the title of this book. An alternate history, set in Europe during the 30 Years War. A group of West Virginia people are picked up and plunked down in the middle of the action and action there was during that time period.
The author has created some wonderful characters that you will get invested in, which will keep you reading this chunkster til the very end and the very end is where you will want to go for all the juicy details of these peoples lives.
The author has done a credible job of incorporating modern technology, politics, and peoples attitudes to adversity.
If I say anymore there will be spoilers and I don't want to spoil the story for you.
This is the beginning of a series that you'll want to read if you enjoy action, adventure, politics, and just plain old American ingenuity.

Happy Reading--
Beverly G ♥