Friday, February 1, 2013

My 100+ Books for 2013 List

I've fooled around with my blog template a little bit, but haven't figured out the page thing under the header yet, but I will as the year progresses.
However, I am starting my 100+ Book List here:

1. Simon Said---Sarah R. Shaber---Kindle
2. Gasparilla"s Treasure---Scott Clements--Kindle
3. A Death in the Small Hours---Charles Finch--Kindle
4. Enter Second Murderer---Alanna Knight--Kindle
5. Uneasy Spirits---M. Louisa Locke--Kindle
6. Theft of Swords---Michael J. Sullivan--Kindle
7. The Case of the Young Patrician Lady--Alydia Rackham--Kindle
8. Rise of Empire---Michael J. Sullivan--Kindle
9. A Leaf of the Wind of All Hallows-An Outlander Novella---Diana Gabaldon--Kindle
10. The Custom of the Army--An Outlander Novella--Diana Gabaldon--Kindle
11.The Beggar King--Oliver Potzsch---Kindle
12. Buried in a Bog--Sheila Connolly--Kindle

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