Friday, June 17, 2011

The Secret History of the Pink Carnation Series by: Lauren Willig

I have sorely neglected my book blog for quite some time. There's that pesky thing called general living and in my life I have no little elves that come in the night to do those mundane chores that pile up if not tended to on a regular basis.
I have been reading and the latest books that are well worth passing along some good words about are:

The Secret History of the Pink Carnation
The Masque of the Black Tulip
The Deception of the Emerald Ring
The Seduction of the Crimson Rose

These are the first four books in this series. The French Revolution is the backdrop for these stories. One of my favorite movies is The Scarlet Pimpernel with Leslie Howard and Ms. Willig has taken the Pimpernel as her spring board and built some wonderful characters and stories to go with them.
Eloise is the modern heroine trying to get her dissertation written for her Ph.D. Eloise is like a lot of us modern women who have a hard time finding a man whose interested in more than himself. Who knew that the man she would be most interested in would have some of the valuable papers she needs to finish her project.

The historical heroines are just the right mix of femininity and strong mindedness to keep you turning the pages to see what kind of fix they are going to get themselves into next and don't forget we always want to see if they get their man.
This time in history is ripe with spies, murder, and mayhem and Ms. Willig has brought it all together with some delicious twists and turns.
I have just ordered the next 4 books in the series because I must keep following the story along as Ms. Willig unmasks spies, and brings all her characters to a happy ending.

I highly recommend this series for a fun romp through 19th century England and France and 21st century England.

Happy Reading,
Beverly G ♥

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  1. I so very much want to read these--both Pink Carnation and Black Tulip were great--and I agree, pesky general living gets in the way far too often when trying to read ;-)

    There's a reading challenge for this series by the way...I joined early in the year and hope I can finish it out LOL; come over to and join us!