Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Almost the End of 2011

I haven't posted here since August, but I've been reading.
I just updated my 100 Book Challenge reading list and I'm 8 books short. Now if this was my Mother she would probably make it to 100 and even a couple over. Alas, this is me, and I'm not going to make it to 100 this year. So, I will valiantly start again Jan 1, 2012.
I will be able to add 1 more to my list because I am now reading The Scottish Prisoner by: Diana Gabaldon. This is the continuing saga of Lord John Grey when he is not in the Outlander novels.
Ms. Gabaldon teases us with novellas between books. She hinted in the forward of The Scottish Prisoner that she and her publishers might be coming out with an edition of the novellas. Even though I read other writers when I'm reading Ms. Gabladon I don't want to clutter my mind with other stories, so the anthologies that her novellas are in don't work for me. It would be nice to see them all together.
I'm a late comer fan of the Outlander Series, but I'm hooked now, so I along with the rest of you die hard fans wait impatiently for Ms. Gabaldon to get anything out on the market. There are so many side stories that she can pursue I don't see how she will have time to get them all down on paper.
I hope the rest of you who are participating in this challenge accomplished your goal.
If you did or did not---Happy Reading and we'll see you in the New Year !!!!

Beverly G ♥

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