Monday, August 15, 2011

Dragon and Judge & Dragon and Liberator by: Timothy Zahn

These are the last two books in this series. I have enjoyed this adventure through the galaxy Mr. Zahn has created for us.
The adventures of Jack and Draycos, their developing relationship as Jack gets used to having a full time symbiot, and their race to save Draycos's race from their enemies and the super weapon Jack and "Dragos must  destroy keeps you reading.
I must say when Alison  came into the story Mr. Zahn really keeps you guessing about her. Then when she acquires her own symbiot dragon, Taneem, you start rooting for her to be on the good guys team.
I had to read all the way to the end of the last book for all the details that Mr. Zahn kept us guessing about throughout the series, but I must say he tied all the loose ends very neatly together and left us with a happy ending. Which you know by now--I love happy endings.
Even though this is billed as a Young Adult series, I found it to be a fun read with just enough sci-fi techno stuff to keep the adventure true to that genre.
If you decide to read this series I think you will find it to be a fun read.

Happy reading,
Beverly G ♥

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