Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Orchid Affair by: Lauren Willig

It is with a heavy heart that I close the last page on this fun series because the next one doesn't hit the shelves until February 2012.
We went to France this time with Laurie Grey, Governess, recently recruited spy for the Pink Carnations group.
Laurie is tired of being a governess, but low and behold that's exactly what the Pink Carnation needs Laurie to do. Infiltrate Andre Jaouren's household as the teacher of his children while she's looking for information to foil the latest plot that the Pink Carnation has discovered.
However, Laurie is the daughter of famous parents and as that comes to light and she reunites with old friends she still has to keep her new purposes a secret.
We can't forget Eloise and Colin in all this either. Eloise is our intrepid researcher still trying to pull her dissertation together and enjoying her new boyfriend at the same time. Before she and Colin can enjoy some romantic one on one time in Paris they have to meet Colin's mother and her 2nd husband who also happens to be Colin's cousin. Yes, you will have to read the books to get the whole low down on that.
This was a fun adventure through the streets and countryside of Paris and as usual Ms. Willig has given us a happy ending.

Happy Reading,
Beverly G ♥

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