Monday, February 13, 2012

Beverly G (Rebels & Traitors--742 pgs)

Rebels & Traitors     by: Lindsey Davis

Lindsey Davis has given us a good view of the English Civil War. She takes us from 1634 all the way to 1657. We follow basically 4 main sets of characters and the people who revolve around them including their interactions with famous people of the time. Remembering this is a work of fiction and these are events that could have happened.
Wars are always horrible, but they have seemed to fuel the world since the beginning of time. Families are torn apart for reasons of differing ideologies and  having to scratch out a living with all the carnage going on around them.
Ms. Davis has addressed all these issues with an interesting mix of how real people of the time might have handled these events surrounding their lives.
I happened to know some about the reign of Charles I and the ascension of  Oliver Cromwell so I was able to follow the events very easily. If you're looking to read a book about this time period without a dry history lesson this would be a good read for you. This book is filled with lots of intrigue, adventure, sad , and happy times, with my favorite characters still alive at the end.

Happy Reading--
Beverly G ♥


  1. Okay--this looks like a must-read! I don't know near as much about this period as I wish to, so this will be a good start :-)

  2. Love historical fiction and I've been curious about this author. I'll have to check this one out :)