Thursday, February 23, 2012

Murder on Waverly Place by: Victoria Thompson

Here is another series we have been reading for a long time and have never tired of it. Since, 1999, as a matter of fact.
Sarah Brandt, mid-wife and confirmed sleuth along with her neighbor, Mrs. Ellsworth, and Maeve, one of the girls she has rescued from the Mission where she helps out from time to time, tend to drive Detective Sergeant Frank Malloy crazy with their meddling in one case after another. However, over the years he and Sarah have forged a friendship of sorts, so he is becoming more resigned to their help.
This is another good read in this series and another book where you need to get comfortable because you'll be reading to the very end to get the full solution.
Ms. Thompson always leaves us wanting the next book because we are still anticipating a deeper relationship between Sarah and Frank.
If you enjoy reading about the Victorian Gaslight era, this would be a series to immerse yourself in.

Happy Reading--
Beverly G ♥

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