Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wizard's First Rule by: Terry Goodkind

I just got through reading my 5th Chunkster, I have one more to go before Dec. 31st. I think I will read the second in this series to finish off my Chunkster list for this year.
I've become a big fan of Diana Galbadon and I have been a fan of Christopher Paolini for a long time. Not only did I like Wizard's First Rule, but I found that Terry Goodkind has a very similar writing style.
Good characters with personalities that make you empathize with them sometimes even the mean characters, which is good because there is a little bit of bad in all of us.
I liked the way the story evolved over the 820 pages and for me it had a very satisfying ending. Even though I know this is quite a long series if for some reason I did not know that or was unable to get the next books the author brought all events and characters to an ending that would be happy enough to be a stand alone book. However, since by the time you're finished you're so invested in the characters that it's nice to know there's more to the story.
There is magic, monsters, and even a special dragon. If you're a fan of Fantasy you'll like this one.

Happy Reading--
Beverly G ♥

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