Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Shadow Thieves by: Anne Ursu

This is Book One of The Cronus Chronicles. This book is rated for Ages 8-12. I told you when I started this blog I was an eclectic reader.
Ms. Ursu used up the first third almost half of the book getting the story set up, then the story began to pick up and had an exciting ending. I understand there are quite a few books in this series. I'm a little concerned that the age group this series is geared to might not be able to follow the story that well until they did some research on Greek myths. My children have been out of school for many years now and I know for a fact that they did not learn that much about Greek mythology in public school. I hope that the parents and mentors of the people reading these books will make sure that they get some background so they can enjoy this series. I know that at a later time I will probably seek out the rest of the series, but at this time I have books already on the pile to be read.

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  1. How cool it is to see an author try to stretch their reader--at least that might be why these are set for the 8-12 year old audience; of course, back in the day, it seems we had more info on mythology in school (or maybe it was just me reading the encyclopedia for fun? LOL)

    Thanks for the review--as much as I like YA literature, I have other books that just moved ahead of this one on my TBR mountain ;-)