Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Sword in the Grotto (Araminta Spookie) by: Angie Sage

   Last year I read the Septimus Heap series by: Angie Sage and enjoyed it very much. At that time I also found she had started a new series of stories about Araminta Spookie. Like the Septimus Heap series these books are on the shelves in the young peoples section of the store or library. However, at 60 years old, and having cut my reading teeth on fairy tales and fun stories I do sometimes like to read books written for our younger generation. I also like to watch "kid" movies. You have to remember you never get to old to have some fun and keep a fresh perspective on life.
That's one reason I like Araminta, she's always thinking of new things to get into. She lives in a very interesting house with her Aunt and Uncle, a couple of nice resident ghosts, and now the Wizzard's have come to live with them. Araminta always has a Plan, another reason I like her, I do like my lists and Plans, keeps life semi-orderly.
Start with the first book--The Haunted House and then this one for a fun quick read. You might even have some kids or grand kids who might like to read along with you.

Happy Reading,
Beverly G ♥

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