Saturday, June 5, 2010

Start To Finish

I begin my post tonight with a sigh. I have accomplished a reading journey of epic proportions. I have read seven books of the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon.
  • 850 pgs.--Paperback--Outlander--1991
  • 947 pgs.--Paperback--Dragonfly In Amber--1992
  • 1059 pgs.--Paperback--Voyager--1994
  • 1070 pgs.--Paperback--Drums of Autumn--1997
  • 1443 pgs.--The Fiery Cross--2001
  • 979 pgs.--Hardcover--A Breath of Snow and Ashes--2005
  • 820 pgs.--Hardcover--An Echo in the Bone--2009
I am entering the Chunkster Challenge in the Mor-bookly Obese category. This was to read Adult fiction or Non-fiction 450 pgs.or large type 525(mine wasn't large type), 6 or more books.
I had already read the Lord John Grey series by Ms. Gabaldon and enjoyed it. My friend who is a huge fan of the Outlander series suggested that I might read the books and take part in the Chunkster Challenge because they certainly do qualify. The Lord John books are about half what the Outlander books are. I wasn't quite sure, but after hinting that Lord John Grey was in the Outlander books and I would be surprised at his part in them, I agreed.
I was going to read each book, make a post here and on Chunkster then read the next in line. These were loaned to me from my friend's permanent library. Little did I know that when I got started reading it's very hard to find a place to put the book down. Needless to say I could see why so many people are huge fans of this series.
For all out there who have not read these books, I recommend them highly. Ms. Gabaldon  herself says it's hard to categorize just what genre these belong in. I won't even try to name genres here, but if you enjoy getting caught up in an all encompassing story  about people you feel like you come to know personally and follow them through their lives, this is a series for you. There is happiness, sadness, adventure, oh my, even after being finished with the last one for over a week I'm still savoring the whole experience.
I don't want to say much more here because the whole time I was reading these books my friend never once hinted at what was coming next except on a couple of occasions she would say,"Get ready for a roller coaster ride, or get out your box of tissues."  For all you who have read them you will know exactly what I mean and for all of you who haven't, please take some time for this series, you won't be disappointed.

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