Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Bone-Pedlar by: Sylvian Hamilton

The Bone-Pedlar, published in 2000, by Sylvian Hamilton came to my attention this week. The cover and the author's short bio in the front of the book peaked my interest. This story is set in 1209, after the crusades, and a time in history when all things possible are still in peoples minds. Religion, magic, politics, and people are even beginning to dabble in science.
I wouldn't have wanted to live back then, but I do like to visit that period in books, for some reason it is fascinating to me. In this day and age of all things convenient people complain about being to hot, to cold, not having enough to eat, but back in those days those things were really true. I am also, continually fascinated by how the human race, no matter what the circumstances, are continually on the move, either from necessity or pleasure.
The collection and possession of relics at that time was of all importance to the church. The hero of our book makes his living in this trade. Ms. Hamilton has crafted an excellent story around the life and times of this period in history.
A little bit of adventure, a little bit of magic(if you believe), and a good story to boot.
Once, you get past the first few pages, you have to remember people were a lot more gruesome back then, you won't be able to put this one down.
It turns out there are two more books in the series, so she has just whetted our imaginations for some more adventure to come.
Happy Reading,
Beverly G ♥ 


  1. Okay--you have piqued my interest--I guess I may try this again sometime...that is not a period of history I know too much about and the first chapter was a bit gruesome.

    That's the neat thing about having a voracious reader for a friend--you learn more and more about life from finding new things to read ;-)

  2. was checking for any new posts and noticed the new picture--you look gorgeous!