Monday, October 4, 2010

Diana Spaulding Mystery Series by: Kathy Lynn Emerson

I've got a few reviews to make today, before I get back to card making. I'm going to have to find a new routine to get my book posts made more regular. I read every night, so I guess as soon as I finish a book I need to jump on the computer and post, but for some reason I like to savor my reads for awhile before I post a review. I'll get a routine worked out somewhere along the way.
Today I'm starting with the Diana Spaulding Mystery Series as you can see by the title of the post. I first came to know Kathy Lynn Emerson as the author of a series that each title starts with Face Down. It's set in the 1600's, and sly Kathy has hinted in the Diana Spaulding stories about a connection between the heroines.
There are four books in this series:
Deadlier than the Pen
Fatal as a Fallen Woman
No Mortal Reason
Lethal Legend
Unfortunately, the publisher Pemberley Press did not choose to publish any more after these four. However, don't let this deter you from reading this series. Diana Spaulding is another plucky herione.
If you like period fiction you'll like these books. The setting is 1888 New York and surrounding areas. Diana is a widow supporting herself, estranged from her family, working as a reporter for a newspaper, kind of like the gossip papers of today. Right off in the first few pages of the book, she has to interview a mysterious man who does horror readings. I was hooked. The two are attracted to one another and the books go on to take you through their evolving relationship, Diana's penchant for getting herself embroiled in mysteries and the way their two families play into the stories is priceless.
Four good books to immerse yourself  in the 1880's of adventure, murder, mayhem, and a little love.

Happy reading,
Beverly G ♥

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