Monday, October 4, 2010

A Poisoned Season by: Tasha Alexander

I've found another heroine that I'm going to add to my favorites list. Lady Emily Ashton. The setting for this book is Victorian England just in time for the Season. Anybody who was Anybody came into London and attended parties, races, balls, luncheons, and looked for husbands for their daughters. My, my what a time in history. Proper etiquette to be followed, while behind the scenes marriages were being brokered that would make or break history.
This Season would be no different. Lady Ashton has to scramble to save her reputation, plus try to solve the mystery of some murders that she feels she caused. By the end of the story Lady Ashton and her friends have put everything to rights and you find yourself wishing you could pick up the next book and carry on with the story.
I hope I can find the rest of the books in this series and continue on. Tasha Alexander is a excellent period author, you feel as if you are there.

Happy reading,
Beverly G ♥


  1. okay--I just ended up with five more books on my "Wish I could get around to read" pile--these all sound awesome!

    Thanks for tantalizing us with just enough of the story line to hook us in and want to read ;-)

  2. Hello Beverley

    Woooo this is just my cup of tea, thank you so much for starting your Book blog, it's a briiliant idea. My wish list of new authors is growing.