Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Bryant & May Off The Rails by: Christopher Fowler

A riveting mystery with murder and a twisted game involved . After our detectives get their Peculiar Crimes Unit reinstated for almost sure with funding even, they find that they have one week to find and arrest the mysterious Mr. Fox whom they have already had in the custody, but true to his alias, he manages to break out of the holding room and kill the newest member of their unit.
The game is afoot now--no pun intended--because as some other crimes are committed the team has added another 6 suspects to their list.
Working with a deadline this turns out to be one of their most convoluted cases ever, but have no fear the team continues to work together even though they think Mr. Bryant is pretty kooky sometimes.
The case gets solved in the nick of time with lots of action and reactions in by all parties concerned.
Mr. Bryant and Mr. May bring their years of life experience on and off the job to this intellectual murder mystery series.
You should add this series to your To Be Read Pile is you are a murder mystery fan, but I personally would recommend that you start it from the beginning and read through to get the full impact of everyone's personality involved in these stories.

Happy Reading,
Beverly G ♥

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