Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Miss Julia Throws a Wedding by: Ann B. Ross

Miss Julia is a typical, sweet, Southern Lady, who likes to have her finger in all her friends pies. She has a little bit of an unusual living arrangement with the woman who was her late husband's mistress and the mistresses son by the late husband. They have become best friends and of course, she loves the little boy.
For some reason when I started this book I thought it was another cozy mystery. Where I got that idea I don't know, but that's o.k., it's a novel.
Even though there is no murder, there is an escaped prisoner, whom the police can't seem to recover, an unexpected miracle happens, and Miss Julia plans and pulls off a wedding in just under a week.
The wedding is for the chief deputy, who also is a boarder in her home and his girlfriend a local attorney. They met and fell in love at first sight at Miss Julia's house, so who more appropriate to handle their wedding especially since their busy schedules barely allow them time to get married and have a quickie honeymoon.
If you like sweet love stories, filled with nice people with good intentions, you'll like this story, and it has a happy ending.

Happy Reading--
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