Friday, January 20, 2012

Dead as a Scone & The Final Crumpet by: Janet and Ron Benrey

Royal Tunbridge Wells is a real place in Great Britain, but the museum is a work of fiction by this writing team. However, they fitted a charming tea museum into a charming setting.
I recommend that you read these two books one after the other, the story flows.
You know the old adage you shouldn't fall in love at work, well it shouldn't apply here. Felicity Adams a woman with a degree in food chemistry, several tea books published and an extensive knowledge of tea is hired to be the head Curator of the Royal Tunbridge Wells Tea Museum. Nigel Owens is the acting head of the same museum after the last head man retired.
Felicity aka Flick to all her friends and Nigel make a perfect couple. Their strengths and weakness mesh, their combined credentials allow them to be a wonderfully modern amateur detective team.
In each of these books the welfare of the museum is in jeopardy, so of course, there is always a deadline that has to be met which gives the stories pace.  Flick and Nigel step up to the plate to save the museum, the employees, and the pets, they have come to think of as family.
Two good reads, with two interesting mysteries that get solved and two happy endings.
I just love a mystery solved and a happy ending.

Happy Reading--
Beverly G ♥

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